Daddy's vacations are over (for now)!!!

My hubby's vacations are over.Well at least for now...By the end of this year he'll have another couple of weeks, but then the weather will be cooler and we'll take that time to go and visit some spots that we didin't visit now cause it's TOO HOT! Anyway, the kids sure had a great time once we took them out almost every day to the beach and to the pool. Last weekend we went over my mom's and brought along some of my hubby relatives. Once again the kids were who had all the fun cause my mom has a swimming pool in her backyard. We (the adults) were more into another sort of fun and cool down!Beers and snacks!LOL! We had a particulary one that I'm pretty sure will amaze you all: Snails (or as the French people say :«Escargots»)!Yep!That's right! My mom does it like no one!

So here goes some of our vacations pics.