My BBF Tina tagged a couple of days ago with this Tribute Meme,which I find lovely and profound.
My parents are everything to me...
I have to say that I always was daddy's girl.He used to take me everywhere and he was always so proud of me...
They got separated when I was16/17, 'cause life wasn't easy on them...Neither on me I have to say...
My dad came for my wedding (he moved to Mozambique after the separation) and what was supposed to be just a family reunion, turned out to be a wedding set for over 100 people...
When I told him I was expecting a baby boy (Filipe, my first son) he was thrilled.After all it was his first grandson...So when Filipe was born, he traveled up here once again to be with his grandson for 1 entire month!...
The day Filipe was turning one year old I got this phone call from Mozambique.I thought it was the proud grandpa wishing a Happy Birthday to the little one...Turned out to be someone with sad news...My dad died that same day on the way to the hospital.Malaria that's what they said it was...He was only 49 years old...
And I miss him dearly...
My mom (she's a sweetie!) lives in a near by small village.I talk to her every single day.I'm always calling her and checking how's she!
She loves to spoil her grandchildren.
So here's some pics.

Me and Dad (way long ago!...)
And finally here's the tag:


Parents are God's precious gifts that have an important role in our life. Give your Tribute to your parents when they are still alive is greater as they can read them as well!


1. Write and post something about your Mom or Dad, it can be a picture, poem, lesson from your dad, anything... be creative! You can thank them, express your love or share the greatest memory you have with your Mom or Dad.

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