Golly gee. I made a fall card today!! LOL well maybe it's because it was for a card contest on Ink-stains.com.

Anyhow I put this toghether this morning before I had to go pick up my stepson. Used some EP - actually alot - and some vellum and gold cord. I can't remeber where I got the colobox chalk pad from but it has 3 colors: green, orange and brown. Took that out and played with it today and then went from there. It was a fun card to make although I couldn't decide exactly HOW I wanted the layout. Went through about 4yr worth of SU catalogs and then just did my own thang!!!

So after I finished we had a quicky lunch and then hopped in the car for a 7 hour roundtrip. Didn't get home till 9 and exhaused from sitting so long. So I'm off to bed and a nice sleep.

See ya'll in the morning.


Been playing

Just been playing around abit. I got a card from my DSS today and it was so cute I had to CASE it immidiately. She also lives REALLY close by and I hope to meet her when this round is over. Jackson is only about 1 hour from where I live.

This card I CASED from a card I got from Heather aka chris1josh2 on SCS. Her's was in blues but I just had this Cuttlebug BG in green and the ribbon was so cute I just had to use it.

Well I placed another order on Frugalities today and just LOVE their primas. Go have a look at their website. They have a different discount everyday. DDDDDD Dat's all folks!!! You guys have a great night.


Tutorial - Covered Frame *For You Marci*

So here goes my first tutorial. I'm not 100% on these yet, but let's see what YOU think.

What we're going to be making is this really nice covered frame.

I started off with a flat frame that I got from the Dollarstore. It had a removable back so it was easy to just unscrew the backing holders and take out the glass part.

I then laid it down and used Modge Podge on it.

Next place it on the piece of designer paper you'd like to use. I used MME's Magnolia line and press the frame down. At this stage I use my brayer to go over the front just to make sure that the glue adheres really good.

For the next step turn the frame landscape wise and fold over the edges like you would if you were going to wrap a present.

Do this on the 2 opposite sides, then on the 2 shorter sides (does this make sense)? Fold the corners really good with your thumb and forefinger.

Then cut it like in the picture. Glue the short sides and then the small tab part to the long end and then fold over the long ends and glue those in place too.

Once you're done with this you just need to cut out the frame part on the inside. Cut from the corner OUT towards the centre of the regtangle then go around till all 4 corners are done. I leave about 1" pieces for flaps and cut the rest away.

I fold my paper over first to make creases so the paper goes where I want it to. Then I glue down the flaps. We're almost done. At this point take your time and embelish what you want on the front. I used some flowers and a sentiment as well as some gold organdy ribbon.

I hotglued the glass back in place after my embelishments were done and then simply put the 4 little screws back in position and you're ready to frame a picture.


LOL yeah I've been a bit MIA but here I am agian. Just finished this set for a group send and wanted to share what I had done. I started out with a 12x12 scrapbook page and then added the cardstock and accesories to fit. My first project was the notebook with the pocket on the inside flap. Then I made a mini notebook and pen with the initail of the girl I'm sending to. After that I did the little crystal light holder and tag candy. Then I tackled the card and it didn't quite turn out as I had invisioned but I think it's still cute. It's been so fun and I spent about 5 hours on it.

I'm so excited to see that I'm heading for 500 hits. I'm thinking of doing some blog candy. I'll have to work on that tonight. For now I need to go, as I'm still needing to fix dinner and then I'm off to Wednesday service at church.

Have a great night everyone.


Awesome mail!!!

Man I love the girls on SCS so much. I just got back a swap I did with Molly for some notebooks and the 3 I got back are so pretty!!! I'm also in a group called "Thinking of You" and I just got a wonderful package from Marci with some wonderful goodies in it. ALSO I did a swap on Melanie's blog called "Bigger and Better". I got some PRIMAS!!!!!! And now I have to send her some 12x12 pages. I'll have to get that in the mail to you tomorrow Melanie.

Well I'd better go work on some more swaps.

Be posting some pics a bit later today.

Have a happy happy Monday!!!

BUsy busy week

Oh boy it's been a busy week. I've been in charge of crafts at the VBS this week and doing that and going to VBS has kept me really busy this week.

I did however enjoy my monthly club on Monday. We did only 2 projects but they were awesome. Somehow I wished I was a millionare because there were so many new things I played with AND the three for you kit was on sale this month with a bonus ====== I want it Mommy!!! LOL but seeing as I can't afford $50 right now I settled for the set Priceless. I'm SO in love with that set and looking forward to getting my order in.

Well I'd better scadaddle as I have some more things to do for VBS.

Have a great day girls.


In PTown

Day #3 in Provincetown, and everyday I am refreshed with the genuine sincerity of those I meet in this quaint little town. From day one when we checked into The Carpe Diem Guesthouse and was greeted by Jared and given the tour before going to our room, there was a real feeling of belonging, or being part of a family. I have met so many wonderful people. Jurgen and Hans are the owners of the House, one from Germany and the other from France, who moved here in the late 1990's to establish this place. Both are younger guys, and a couple I believe. Then there's Herbie, a retired English teacher, who makes sure all his "boys" are taken care of. I met a couple from Cannes, France the other night at the wine and cheese which takes place every evening from around 5PM. There are some guys here from Atlanta and a couple from good old Wenonah, NJ. Breakfast is prepared every morning by Jurgen and it is a hearty breakfast, not just bagels and the like. So, far, so good. It is off to a boat cruise tonight, then some more dancing at The A-House. Check in with you later.

Happy mail Monday!!

Ok so why do I love SCS so much???? Because of all the GREAT people you meet and all the fun activities you do. I joined a swap called "Thinking of You" and it's awesome man!!!! I just got 3 packages in the mail today with all kinds of goodies and fun new toys to play with. Chachakate you're the BOMB for starting this thread and thanks so much for inviting me. I just sent out 3 packages as well today and I hope that the recipients will have as much fun as what I've been having. It's such a wonderful feeling when you open the mailbox (or your kid brings in an armful of packages) and it's HAPPY mail!!!! Nowadays all's you get it junk and bills - and I'm sure I'm not the only one who'd rather not see either of those items LOL.

I'm also working on my very very first tutorial for my blog and hope to be finished with the project by the end of this week. It's going to be a busy one for sure as we start our VBS tonight till next Sunday and I also have my SU club meeting tonight. Oh where is all the TIME I need to stamp!!!! Pout!!! I also have to run around getting laundry done today - not at all a favorite chore of mine - and as I have to use a laundromat it's even less of a fun chore. At least I have my kids trained to fold and pack away their own clothes, so that leaves me with the towels and hubbies and my clothes. Not a bad deal I think!!!

Ok so no piccies today as I've been doing some prepping for VBS and stuffing envies to mail out goodies. Hopefully I'll have time to show you all the awesome things I'm bringing back from club tonight.

So till then, happy stamping.


In Boston (Part III-Provincetown)

Had a great ferry ride from Boston to Provincetown yesterday. It is so very relaxing to sit on the ferry and ride across the water, about a 90 minute cruise. The activity on the water, boats, etc., gradually decrease until there is nothing but water all around for about 20 minutes or so, then you begin to see more activity as you approach PTown.

Walked around PTown to get our VIP passes to events for Carvnival Week. The theme this year is Fary Tails, and you can guess the many characters one sees. There were lots of Wicked Witches, and as one comdian said, "There are a bunch of Dorothys here!" Went to the kickoff party at the Boatslip where the King and Queen of Carnival were chosen. Lots of good dancing as well. Lea DeLaria was the MC and many of the local PTown celebs entertained.

Today, it's a bit cloudy this morning, but supposed to get nicer as the day goes on. Not sure exactly what today will bring, but I am sure it will be fun!

In Boston (Part II)

Had a great time in Beantown yesterday. Seemed to walk miles. Ended up going to Faneuil Hall and Quincy Market, then walked over to Newbury Street, nicknamed the Rodeo Drive of the East Coast. Even though it was a "tax free" weekend in Massachusetts, designed to encourage spending at a time of the year when spending is lower (the State of Mass reportedly will lose $17 million in revenue this weekend), we did not buy too much. On our walk to Newbury Street we went through Boston Common and saw alot of the city. It was then onboard the "T" Metro to Cambridge and a visit to Harvard Yard and its surroundings. Had lunch again this year at John Harvard's Brew House, a pub located in the basement of a building. There are stained glass windows surrounding the place and dark furniture. Had a great dark beer, I forget the name, but it certainly hit the spot on a warm afternoon. Then it was back to the hotel and dinner at a Japanese restaurant not too far from the hotel.

Today it is checkout at the Seaport, the Ferry to Provincetown at 1PM, then check in at the Carpe Diem Guesthouse for a crazy Carnival Week in PTown. Should be a blast!


I'm so blessed. I just got 3 RAKS in the mail today. Two of them were welcome to the group cards and a RAK. Thanks to all you girls who work so hard on SCS to make the RAK group so awesome. I guess I'd better start making cards enmasse to send out to some other RAKKERS. Hey Diane check your mailbox gal!!!! LOL, well with that I'm off to bed as it's church tomorrow and as I'm sitting almost directly infront of my Pastor I'd better not be asleep in service. So goodnight everyone see ya's tomorrow.

Nice matters award!!!!

Well lookie here!!! I got tagged by Maria for the 'Nice Matters Award'!!! Isn't that so sweet! Thanks so much Maria for tagging me. I'm so new to this blogging stuff and find that it's so fun to go surfing around finding other stamp bloggers and all the beautiful creations they have. And right now I have a couple of blogs I visit every day so I'm sending this to you 5 gals!!!

Stampin' with Markies Mom
The Diane Diaries
Melanie's Madness
Dawn's Stamping thoughts
Stamping for Sanity

Ok girls now it's YOUR turn to go tag someone.

In Boston

Finally arrived in Beantown yesterday afternoon after an adventure with US Air. We arrived to the airport way before the 2 hour time to check in. I thought there seemed to be an awful lot of people in the lines, and I soon found out that many flights had been cancelled the night before, I guess because of the weather. We waited for about 2.5 hours, missing our 9:15AM flight. So we were booked on an 11:15AM flight. The only saving grace is US Air has a flight from Philly to Boston every hour. The flight itself was good, lasting about 40 minutes. Then when we arrived at the airport, my luggage came off, but MyGuy's didn't. How 3 pieces of luggage get checked in at the same time, and 2 make it but the 3rd does not, amazes, yes, Pax, amazes me! Finally, 2 or 3 flights later, the missing luggage arrived. I have never seen MyGuy get mad, but he let the poor kid at the luggage counter know about it! It's not the weather issue and the delays that angered us about US Air, but the attitude of the employees; they just don't seem to give a shit at all. I know they have had pensions taken away and other cuts due to US Air's bankruptcy in the past, but please! I have sworn I will never fly US Air or United again. Unforturnately, US Air is the only direct flight from Philly to Boston I know of, and US Air and United are priced well. (Maybe that explains why they went bankrupted and why their staff suck).

The Seaport Hotel, where we stay, is in the Seaport District right on the Harbor. Great view of all the boats and activity on the Harbor. Can also see the flights coming and going from Logan International. Very friendly staff, and a no tipping place! Yes, customers are told not to tip staff.

Heading out to see Boston today. Going to Faeuil Hall and Quincy Market, then found out it's a "tax free" weekend in Massachusetts this weekend, so off to Newbury Street to hit some shops. Hopefully we'll make it to the German restaurant we ate at before. MyGuy wants his knockers as he put it, but I think he meant knockwurst.

Keep you posted. The weather looks great! Warm and sunny, but not hot and humid.

Birthday card and nameframe

Since I'm such a flowery person I found it really really hard to find something to use for a boy's birthday card and nameframe. I finally reached for Loads of Love as it's about the ONLY boyish/manly stampset I own. LOL the rest are all flowers!!!

Anyhow so I started with the nameframe and stamped the background with Word by Word. The bashful blue part was stamped in the same ink with the Linen BG stamp. I then stamped the truck on the BB and cut out the window parts, added a transparency to the back and used some grey pearlex on it to make it look more like a window. The letters were stamped useing Headline Alpahbet. I also used some words from Everday Flexible phrases and Everday Expressive Phrases. Then I popped then up on foamdots and added some silvercord to 2 of the letters. The card was alot easier to design after that. I just recently got this really cute punch in the mail from a game called Pay it Forward and it worked SO good for tiretracks. The rest is pretty similair to stamping done on the nameframe.

Now I only hope Caled likes it. My kids were both invited to his birthday party and I'm hoping they'll have a good time.

Well that's it for tonight. Hope you guys have a great weekend.


The Dems On LOGO

Anyone see the forum of Democratic Presidential candidates last night on LOGO? It was quite enlightening, although the candidates really did not have the time needed to really delve into their positions on LBGT issues. Of course, the big area of question revolved around gay marriage. Only Dennis Kucinich and Mike Gravel favored marriage, while the other candidates support civil unions that would guarantee the same rights, federal that is, that all married couples have. John Edwards out and out stated he personally does not favor gay marriage. The others supporting civil unions seemed to skirt around the issue as to why civil unions, not marriage, but they all appeared eager to extend the same rights to same-sex couples in a civil union as a marriage. Dennis Kucinich made a very bold statement saying if one believes so much in equality, then that includes full gay marriage rights.

I thought Dennis Kucinich came across very favorably with the audience, which included Neil Patrick Harris, Alec Mappa, and other gay celebs. I just don't think Kucinich has what it will take to defeat the Republican candidate in 2008. I felt John Edwards was too "political," giving all the answers as if he were reading from a Q-card or memorized script. I am still torn between Hillary and Obama.

(By the way, the invite to participate in a similar forum was extended to the Republican candidates, and not one accepted).
OOh I'm so happy I'm a dollarstore addict!!! I found this awesome frame at our dollarstore and knew it just was begging to be "wrapped". So I took a 12x12 and did just that! Wrapped it. I cut out the window part in the centre and folded over all the edges. I took the glass part out and folded in that part of the frame as well. Added a ribbon before gluegunning the glass part to the plastic frame. I'm so pleased with myself I can't stop smiling - what vanity eh??? Anyhow I know JUST the person this is going to go to and I do hope that she's going to enjoy it. I made a card with the frame in mind and used it as a "picture". She's welcome to use the card and replace the picture with one of her own. So who's the lucky lady????? Well................... she's just going to have to wait till Friday to find out.

Well with that I'm off to bed. Hope you had a wonderful day and got some stamping done. I had to take my youngest stepson back to his mom's today so I didn't have any time for stamping as I drove around for almost 4 hours. Maybe tomorrow I'll get some stamping time in. I have a couple of ideas I'm working on.

Well night all and God Bless!

First ever time tagged!!!!! Yeahy!!!!

Well I must be spastic or something ............... I never noticed that Diane tagged me as a Rocking Girl Blogger on the 26th of July. I'm so ashamed!!!!!!! Should have been checking my posts a bit more closely I guess!!!! Well anyhow so now I have to find 5 more girls to tag so here goes.

I just love hanging out at these girls' blogs so I tagged

Maria her blog here
Faith her blog here
Nancy her blog here
Melanie her blog here
Chichi her blog here

So now it's up to you girls to go tag someone else.



Well I've been working on a project this weekend for a swap 0n SCS and just had to share this cute little scrapbook/autograph book. I found this at my dollar store and just knew it would be great for altering. The lucky girl getting this is ......................................... um well maybe I'll just have to keep that a secret now!!!!

I used MME's Magnolia paper. I just love this paper and it went SO well with the colored chipboard front and back that the book already had. I spruced it up with some ribbon and a chipboard letter and voila! No stamping on this baby but I don't think it needed any stamping.

So what do you think? Is she gonna like it or does it need some more bling on something. Any comments greatly appreciated.

The Nerve Of That Company!!

I don't usually write about my place of employment. Well, not directly! I sometimes make references in my posts, but it's not my habit of discussing what goes on at work. However, recently I heard of a great deal of scuttlebutt about a memo that was distributed informing staff that they needed to turn in a projected schedule for the upcoming week, and the schedule needed specific times as to when the person would be in the office, in the field, or at lunch. (There are many in my office that are "field" workers, not always in the office). This is not a new policy as it has been in effect since the beginning of time. THE NERVE OF THIS COMPANY!!! To expect its employees to be accountable! To expect the number of hours paid for a day's work is actually worked! This company is asking alot of its employees!

I get so sick and tired of the constant complaining about the job. It took me almost 25 years of working for this company to realize a truth: I DO NOT OWN THE COMPANY, SO WHY DO I THINK "THEY" CARE WHAT I THINK? If I worked for GM, or if I worked for Bob's Used Cars, or if I worked for Mobile Oil, as an employee of the company, it is my job to carry out the agenda that the owner sets. Sure, sometimes your opinion is asked for, but that is only to assist the owner in setting the stage for what the plan. If I ran my own business, it would be my job as owner and CEO to set forth the agenda and it would be the staff I had working for me to who would complete the tasks to acheive my agenda. I do not own this company; I am one of those staff. So why would I think that it was up to me to decide what happened and how it happened in this company? Why would I not think the owner of the company had every right to know where I was, and that I was doing what I was supposed to do during my workday?

Staff at the company I work for need to get real! There are really 3 choices each employee there has: get on board with what's expected and enjoy what you do to make our "customers" lives just a little better; suck it up, shut up, and be miserable to yourself; or find a new job or something within the current system that you do enjoy! Or better yet, start a "company" of your own and be the man in charge setting the agenda. Complain, complain, complain, but never take any action to better your position and lot in the company. I'm sure it is the same for those that work in other lines of work, but this truth that I learned is the same no matter where one works.


See the poll on the right hand side..........(scroll down a bit).

Bloomin' Happiness

I wanted to share this card with you all today. I made it with all SU supplies and some primas. The card base was done in Not Quite Navy with Very vanilla, Really rust and the same inks. I made a glitter window and matted it with the 2 pieces of card stock. The ribbon is organdy I bought at Jo-Anns. Very simple and easy card. I made one for a friend who was in the hospital and *hehehehehe* borrowed it back to CASE it.

Well my youngest stepson is here for the weekend till Tuesday and we're going to a church program on Saturday. It's called Fun in the Son and I'm sure it's going to be a lot of fun. It's going to be water games as well as a HUGE sundae for dessert. We're going to be building it in a troth so it'll be BIG!! Looking forward to the yummy dessert.

Well you have a great stamping evening.


My Little Challenger And I

I woke about 3am this morning, so I decided while I wake I'd go to the bathroom. In a zombie-like state, I made my way to the bathroom, and while there I thought I heard a noise that sounded like tin or metal clanking. I waited a minute and heard it again. At first I thought it was coming from another apartment, but then the noise sounded again. I slowly made my way to my kitchen listening to locate any sound. I turned on the kitchen light and not seeing anything, stood and listened some more. Then, coming from the utility closet in the kitchen was the noise. Maybe a bird making noise in the vent that goes up and out? Maybe the hot water heater banging? Then I remembered something. There is a mouse trap behind the hot water heater that has been there ever since I moved into the apartment about 5 years ago. The same hard piece of cheese or whatever it is in the trap is still there. I have never seen any signs of a mouse, but since the trap was there, obviously for a reason, I never bothered removing it. So what was caught in the trap? Maybe a bird? Maybe a bat? Maybe a flock of seagulls? Who knew? After looking at the door for a few minutes, I gingerly opened it, not knowing what would come flying or running out of the closet, and reached in to turn on the light. Then to my surprise as I looked in the direction of the trap was the noise-maker. A MOUSE!! A little grayish-brown mouse sitting on the trap, or rather trapped in the trap. It looked like either his tail or foot was caught and he was able to move behind the hot water heater, dragging the trap behind him, but caught behind the hot water heater by the pan under the device. The mouse could move only so far either way. What was I to do?

I stood there for about 10 minutes just trying to figure out how to get this critter out of there. I wondered if he was a wild field mouse or someones pet mouse that escaped and ended up in my apartment. I thought wild field mice came in when the weather was getting colder and food outside harder to locate. But it had been very hot, and maybe he wanted a cool place. But then again, maybe it was some kid's pet. Either way, I needed to do something, and I really did not have anything to reach in and get him. And what was I to do with him when I did get him? Kill him, which I could not bring myself to do? Let him go, after I got him out, of course? What? If I messed with the trap too much, I might just end up freeing him, then he'd be running around my apartment. So for a good 10-15 minutes I just thought. At 3:30am I really had no ideas, so I turned off the light, shut the door, and headed back to bed. I'd call someone in the morning, or maybe he'd be dead by then. I lay in bed listening for several minutes to see if I could still hear the little guy (or girl). Finally I fell asleep.

I woke up a few hours later and went to see what was going on with my unwanted guest. I peeked in, but could not see the mouse. He had managed to get further behind the hot water heater. I grabbed a broom and tried to push him and the trap out, but could not. At this point, I was starting to get aggravated at inconvenience this little thing was causing me. He kept me from getting my sleep, and was interferring with my schedule at this point in time. I pulled a chair into the doorway of the utility closet so I could look over and down the hot water heater. And there he was, lying flat, still in the trap. I thought he was dead. I took a 4 foot long stick I had in the closet and touched the trap. The damn little mouse moved, still alive, but a bit more weary than he was earlier. I pushed the trap around to the side of the hot water heater so I could better decide what to do with the mouse. He ran back behind the hot water heater again, pulling the trap with him. Now I was pissed! "Damn you, little mouse. I am bigger, stronger, and smarter than you and I'm not putting up with this any longer! THIS IS WAR!" So I took the stick and pushed the trap and mouse back to the side of the hot water heater and positioned it so I could pick the trap up by the pin that set it off. I grabbed a pair of winter gloves from my closet, just in case he decided to bite me, and I took a brown paper bag from the cupboard. I was able to pick up the trap, with the rodent still attached, and put the trap and the mouse into the bag. I then ran it out to the dumpster and tossed it in. I HAD WON!!! I really didn't care at that point what happened to the varmint, and I did not care if it was wild or someones pet. He had, after all, invaded my territory and I wanted him gone!

I have since purchased another trap and set it just in case he had family. I realize if it was a wild mouse, he probably did not come alone, or if he did, more could make their way in as well. I am on my guard and I will be watching and waiting!

Bad bad bad

Yeah I know I have been a bad girl lately. I haven't posted on my blog since Saturday. Shame on me!!!

I guess I was a bit busy on Sunday and Monday I just decided to "take the day off". We went to a singspiration at our Nazarene Church in Grand Ledge on Sunday night and it was wonderful. The talent was so awesome and we had nearly 200 people in the church. After we had something to eat and a general fellowship. It really was awesome. My kids went as well and seemed to enjoy it alot. LOL of course my 12yr old stepson probably enjoyed it most of all becuase there was limitless food for him to stuff himself. He's like a black hole at the moment and can put away as quick as you set it in front of him. I can't believe he's as skinny as he is with the amount he takes in.

The only project I have to offer today is an altered tin I made a couple of weeks ago. I stuffed it full of organdy ribbon and gave it to my friend Vickie this weekend. She also stamps and loves ribbon. The tin came from the dollar tree and had some wafersticks in them. It's a wondeful size to work with and I just loved useing my new MME paper on it.

Well hopefully I'll get back in the swing of things again this week.