"...(Turn and face the strain)
Just gonna be a different man
Time may change me
But I can't trace time..."
(Changes, David Bowie)

Tomorrow marks an end of an era in the office in which I work. The group that I have been part of, give or take a few, for over 10 years, is leaving and going to another office. The remainder of the people in that office will be leaving in another 2-3 weeks to locate elsewhere and the current office will be no longer. For the most part, the staff in that current building have been there for 25 years or more, me for the past 20 years. Although it is going to happen, it still seems surreal to me, and only recently did it hit me that a good number of those men and women I see everyday and work closest with, I will only see on occasion. Come Monday morning, things at my office will never, ever be the same.

I heard it said once that the only constant in life is change, and that if you stood in a brook of running water, you'd never be standing in the same water twice. Change is inevitable; it is the only thing we can count on in life. For some changes come and they move on with little or no problem. For others, change can create great difficulty. For the most part I fall into the former group, but I still become a bit anxious when I really think about change. And maybe that's why I don't dwell on it too much. It is what it is. Can't fight change. It's going to happen, like it or not. We can only adjust to it and move with it as it occurs. "Go with the flow." Such a simple little statement, but so true.

I wish all my colleagues the best of luck in their new lives. And as I told one of them recently: when we do get together on occasion, it will be that much more special. You don't know what you have until it's gone!