Anybody Miss Me?

Ok. Be honest? Did you miss me? And don't say so just to make me feel good! I haven't blogged since New Year's Day, 28 days ago! I know Mommanator missed me because she told me she so; she said she missed reading what I had to say. So here's to you, Mommanator! You're looking better than ever, and I wish you would get back soon and keep your boys in line!
Oh yeah. I turned another year older in December. That's my birthday cake that my special someone bought for me. A strawberry shortcake birthday cake! YUMMY! Another year older, and another year wiser! As the old saying goes, "if I only knew then what I know now!" How true that is.
So again I will blog my heart out even though blogs are supposed to be a thing of the past. It gives me a place to make my thoughts known and vent some of my frustrations and bang my pulpit for change in our world. It gives me a place to say what's wrong with our world as well as look at the positive things that are going on. So I will be blogging on!