Thank God For The Non-Traditionalist

In his piece of shit book, Cultural Warrior, Bill O'Reilly touts himself a "traditionalist" fighting against the "secular-progressive movement." The battle in America is not between conservatives and liberals but those that want to keep things the way they are versus those progressives that want to change the way things are. O'Reilly "condemns the "erosion of societal discipline" flowing from an alleged "S-P [secular-progressive]" agenda of drug legalization, teenagers' rights, moral relativism, church-state separation, therapy instead of punishment for criminals and, above all, the "communist" freeloader's doctrine that the government should tax the rich to fund housing, health care and early-childhood education for the poor."

I say thanks be to God for those non-traditionalists in our history. And every minority group, including women, should also agree with me. If it wasn't for the "secular-progressives" in our history, where would they be today? The Ann Coulters of the US would be in the kitchen, cooking for their man, instead of in the media blowing their horns. If it wasn't for the "secular-progressives" in our history, a good number of us would not have the freedoms we do today. If it wasn't for the "progressives in US history, slavery would still be the norm of the day. These are just a couple things that were only changed by those "secular-progressives." I must say that I, as a white male, would be enjoying life, while those not meeting my makeup, would still be oppressed today.

So I say to Bill O'Reilly, "STUFF IT, BILL!" If moving forward with equal rights for all, and if creating change so all Americans so they can enjoy life to it's fullest, makes me a "secular-progressive," I'll gladly wear that title and do everything in my power to fight the "taditionalists."