OH Those Caring Republicans

Well, once again the Republican controlled legislators have shown us how much they care about the "little guy." Last week, the the House gave themselves yet another pay raise, and today, the Senate squashed an increase in the minimum wage. So while workers are supposed to exist on $5.15 per hour, our Congress can live their lavish lives so they can solve the world's problems. And not only do US legislators get a nice pay, they have full health benefits...for life! Maybe the rationale there is to encourage the "little guy" to make a bid for Congress? Problem is, most of the "little guys" aren't crooked enough to make it in Congress!

But, we must not forget, that even though our Republican controlled Congress are selfish, they do care about our safety. The Republicans, afterall, are the party of the global war on terrorism. They are the supporters of Bush & Company, who keep all of us safe at night so that our babies can sleep soundly knowing terrorism won't get them. But then can babies that are hungry because their parents don't have food to buy them, sleep at all?