Brokeback Mountain

Finally got to see Brokeback Mountain last night. It was a good movie, for a love story. (I personally don't get that into "love stories" whether between straight or gay characters). Both actors Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal were very convincing in the roles they portrayed. The scenery was beautiful, and the movie began in 1963 in Wyoming, a place and time where being gay was much more difficult than it is in 2006. The movie's main theme was the difficulty these 2 men had in expressing their true love for each other. And what a shame that is; that people, even today, cannot love who and how they want to without being ridiculed, or in some cases, physically abused or even killed.
The theatre where I saw Brokeback Mountain was packed. It appeared to me that many straight couples were in the audience, more so than I had expected. If nothing else, I do believe this movie will indeed help in moving forward gay rights. The movie was only postive in its portrayal of the love these 2 men had for one another. There was no "Jack McFarland" (Will & Grace) type characters; these were 2 ordinary, hard working men who happened to be gay. When most straight people think of gays, they immediately envision flambyont queens prancing around. If there's one thing I learned the first time I went into a gay club, was that every type guy imaginable, from construction worker to retail clerk, can be gay. And lesbians: not all butch with mullets, but some that would knock the socks off the straightest straight guy. And Brokeback Mountain furthers this understanding.
I would suggest that everyone see Brokeback Mountain, even if you don't necessarily like "love stories" as I don't. It may just enlighten you a little.